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Convert Ephah (Biblical) to Peck (US)

Please provide values below to convert ephah (Biblical) to peck (US) [pk (US)], or vice versa.


Ephah (Biblical) to Peck (US) Conversion Table

Ephah (Biblical)Peck (US) [pk (US)]
0.01 ephah (Biblical)0.0249722808 pk (US)
0.1 ephah (Biblical)0.2497228085 pk (US)
1 ephah (Biblical)2.497228085 pk (US)
2 ephah (Biblical)4.99445617 pk (US)
3 ephah (Biblical)7.491684255 pk (US)
5 ephah (Biblical)12.486140425 pk (US)
10 ephah (Biblical)24.97228085 pk (US)
20 ephah (Biblical)49.9445616999 pk (US)
50 ephah (Biblical)124.8614042499 pk (US)
100 ephah (Biblical)249.7228084997 pk (US)
1000 ephah (Biblical)2497.2280849971 pk (US)

How to Convert Ephah (Biblical) to Peck (US)

1 ephah (Biblical) = 2.497228085 pk (US)
1 pk (US) = 0.4004439987 ephah (Biblical)

Example: convert 15 ephah (Biblical) to pk (US):
15 ephah (Biblical) = 15 × 2.497228085 pk (US) = 37.458421275 pk (US)

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