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Convert Day to Month (synodic)

Please provide values below to convert day [d] to month (synodic), or vice versa.

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Day to Month (synodic) Conversion Table

Day [d]Month (synodic)
0.01 d0.0003386318 month (synodic)
0.1 d0.0033863179 month (synodic)
1 d0.0338631792 month (synodic)
2 d0.0677263584 month (synodic)
3 d0.1015895376 month (synodic)
5 d0.1693158961 month (synodic)
10 d0.3386317921 month (synodic)
20 d0.6772635842 month (synodic)
50 d1.6931589605 month (synodic)
100 d3.3863179211 month (synodic)
1000 d33.8631792107 month (synodic)

How to Convert Day to Month (synodic)

1 d = 0.0338631792 month (synodic)
1 month (synodic) = 29.5306 d

Example: convert 15 d to month (synodic):
15 d = 15 × 0.0338631792 month (synodic) = 0.5079476882 month (synodic)

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