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Convert Abampere/square Centimeter to Ampere/cicular Mil

Please provide values below to convert abampere/square centimeter to ampere/cicular mil, or vice versa.


Abampere/square Centimeter to Ampere/cicular Mil Conversion Table

Abampere/square CentimeterAmpere/cicular Mil
0.01 abampere/square centimeter5.067074792E-7 ampere/cicular mil
0.1 abampere/square centimeter5.067074792E-6 ampere/cicular mil
1 abampere/square centimeter5.06707E-5 ampere/cicular mil
2 abampere/square centimeter0.0001013415 ampere/cicular mil
3 abampere/square centimeter0.0001520122 ampere/cicular mil
5 abampere/square centimeter0.0002533537 ampere/cicular mil
10 abampere/square centimeter0.0005067075 ampere/cicular mil
20 abampere/square centimeter0.001013415 ampere/cicular mil
50 abampere/square centimeter0.0025335374 ampere/cicular mil
100 abampere/square centimeter0.0050670748 ampere/cicular mil
1000 abampere/square centimeter0.0506707479 ampere/cicular mil

How to Convert Abampere/square Centimeter to Ampere/cicular Mil

1 abampere/square centimeter = 5.06707E-5 ampere/cicular mil
1 ampere/cicular mil = 19735.252409908 abampere/square centimeter

Example: convert 15 abampere/square centimeter to ampere/cicular mil:
15 abampere/square centimeter = 15 × 5.06707E-5 ampere/cicular mil = 0.0007600612 ampere/cicular mil

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