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Convert Millimeter/hour to Knot

Please provide values below to convert millimeter/hour [mm/h] to knot [kt, kn], or vice versa.


Millimeter/hour to Knot Conversion Table

Millimeter/hour [mm/h]Knot [kt, Kn]
0.01 mm/h5.3995680345572E-9 kt, kn
0.1 mm/h5.3995680345572E-8 kt, kn
1 mm/h5.3995680345572E-7 kt, kn
2 mm/h1.0799136069114E-6 kt, kn
3 mm/h1.6198704103672E-6 kt, kn
5 mm/h2.6997840172786E-6 kt, kn
10 mm/h5.3995680345572E-6 kt, kn
20 mm/h1.07991E-5 kt, kn
50 mm/h2.69978E-5 kt, kn
100 mm/h5.39957E-5 kt, kn
1000 mm/h0.0005399568 kt, kn

How to Convert Millimeter/hour to Knot

1 mm/h = 5.3995680345572E-7 kt, kn
1 kt, kn = 1852000 mm/h

Example: convert 15 mm/h to kt, kn:
15 mm/h = 15 × 5.3995680345572E-7 kt, kn = 8.0993520518359E-6 kt, kn

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