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Convert Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to CHU/pound/°C

Please provide values below to convert pound-force foot/pound/°R to CHU/pound/°C [CHU/(lb*°C)], or vice versa.

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Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to CHU/pound/°C Conversion Table

Pound-force Foot/pound/°RCHU/pound/°C [CHU/(lb*°C)]
0.01 pound-force foot/pound/°R1.28507E-5 CHU/(lb*°C)
0.1 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0001285067 CHU/(lb*°C)
1 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0012850675 CHU/(lb*°C)
2 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0025701349 CHU/(lb*°C)
3 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0038552024 CHU/(lb*°C)
5 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0064253373 CHU/(lb*°C)
10 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0128506746 CHU/(lb*°C)
20 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0257013493 CHU/(lb*°C)
50 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0642533732 CHU/(lb*°C)
100 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.1285067463 CHU/(lb*°C)
1000 pound-force foot/pound/°R1.2850674633 CHU/(lb*°C)

How to Convert Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to CHU/pound/°C

1 pound-force foot/pound/°R = 0.0012850675 CHU/(lb*°C)
1 CHU/(lb*°C) = 778.1692623555 pound-force foot/pound/°R

Example: convert 15 pound-force foot/pound/°R to CHU/(lb*°C):
15 pound-force foot/pound/°R = 15 × 0.0012850675 CHU/(lb*°C) = 0.0192760119 CHU/(lb*°C)

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