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Convert Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to Btu (IT)/pound/°C

Please provide values below to convert pound-force foot/pound/°R to Btu (IT)/pound/°C, or vice versa.


Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to Btu (IT)/pound/°C Conversion Table

Pound-force Foot/pound/°RBtu (IT)/pound/°C
0.01 pound-force foot/pound/°R2.31312E-5 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
0.1 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0002313121 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
1 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0023131214 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
2 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0046262429 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
3 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0069393643 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
5 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0115656072 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
10 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0231312143 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
20 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.0462624287 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
50 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.1156560717 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
100 pound-force foot/pound/°R0.2313121434 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
1000 pound-force foot/pound/°R2.3131214341 Btu (IT)/pound/°C

How to Convert Pound-force Foot/pound/°R to Btu (IT)/pound/°C

1 pound-force foot/pound/°R = 0.0023131214 Btu (IT)/pound/°C
1 Btu (IT)/pound/°C = 432.3162568441 pound-force foot/pound/°R

Example: convert 15 pound-force foot/pound/°R to Btu (IT)/pound/°C:
15 pound-force foot/pound/°R = 15 × 0.0023131214 Btu (IT)/pound/°C = 0.0346968215 Btu (IT)/pound/°C

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