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Convert Unit Pole to Weber

Please provide values below to convert unit pole to weber [Wb], or vice versa.


Unit Pole to Weber Conversion Table

Unit PoleWeber [Wb]
0.01 unit pole1.256637061436E-9 Wb
0.1 unit pole1.256637061436E-8 Wb
1 unit pole1.256637061436E-7 Wb
2 unit pole2.5132741228721E-7 Wb
3 unit pole3.7699111843081E-7 Wb
5 unit pole6.2831853071802E-7 Wb
10 unit pole1.256637061436E-6 Wb
20 unit pole2.5132741228721E-6 Wb
50 unit pole6.2831853071802E-6 Wb
100 unit pole1.25664E-5 Wb
1000 unit pole0.0001256637 Wb

How to Convert Unit Pole to Weber

1 unit pole = 1.256637061436E-7 Wb
1 Wb = 7957747.154594 unit pole

Example: convert 15 unit pole to Wb:
15 unit pole = 15 × 1.256637061436E-7 Wb = 1.8849555921541E-6 Wb

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