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Convert Joule/second/square Meter to Btu (th)/minute/square Foot

Please provide values below to convert joule/second/square meter to Btu (th)/minute/square foot, or vice versa.

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Joule/second/square Meter to Btu (th)/minute/square Foot Conversion Table

Joule/second/square MeterBtu (th)/minute/square Foot
0.01 joule/second/square meter5.28684E-5 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
0.1 joule/second/square meter0.0005286841 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
1 joule/second/square meter0.0052868412 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
2 joule/second/square meter0.0105736824 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
3 joule/second/square meter0.0158605236 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
5 joule/second/square meter0.0264342059 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
10 joule/second/square meter0.0528684118 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
20 joule/second/square meter0.1057368237 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
50 joule/second/square meter0.2643420592 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
100 joule/second/square meter0.5286841183 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
1000 joule/second/square meter5.2868411834 Btu (th)/minute/square foot

How to Convert Joule/second/square Meter to Btu (th)/minute/square Foot

1 joule/second/square meter = 0.0052868412 Btu (th)/minute/square foot
1 Btu (th)/minute/square foot = 189.1488632466 joule/second/square meter

Example: convert 15 joule/second/square meter to Btu (th)/minute/square foot:
15 joule/second/square meter = 15 × 0.0052868412 Btu (th)/minute/square foot = 0.0793026178 Btu (th)/minute/square foot

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