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Convert Horsepower/square Foot to Horsepower (metric)/square Foot

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Horsepower/square Foot to Horsepower (metric)/square Foot Conversion Table

Horsepower/square FootHorsepower (metric)/square Foot
0.01 horsepower/square foot0.0101386967 horsepower (metric)/square foot
0.1 horsepower/square foot0.1013869666 horsepower (metric)/square foot
1 horsepower/square foot1.0138696657 horsepower (metric)/square foot
2 horsepower/square foot2.0277393314 horsepower (metric)/square foot
3 horsepower/square foot3.0416089971 horsepower (metric)/square foot
5 horsepower/square foot5.0693483285 horsepower (metric)/square foot
10 horsepower/square foot10.1386966569 horsepower (metric)/square foot
20 horsepower/square foot20.2773933139 horsepower (metric)/square foot
50 horsepower/square foot50.6934832847 horsepower (metric)/square foot
100 horsepower/square foot101.3869665695 horsepower (metric)/square foot
1000 horsepower/square foot1013.8696656945 horsepower (metric)/square foot

How to Convert Horsepower/square Foot to Horsepower (metric)/square Foot

1 horsepower/square foot = 1.0138696657 horsepower (metric)/square foot
1 horsepower (metric)/square foot = 0.9863200704 horsepower/square foot

Example: convert 15 horsepower/square foot to horsepower (metric)/square foot:
15 horsepower/square foot = 15 × 1.0138696657 horsepower (metric)/square foot = 15.2080449854 horsepower (metric)/square foot

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