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Convert Btu (th)/second/square Inch to Dyne/hour/centimeter

Please provide values below to convert Btu (th)/second/square inch to dyne/hour/centimeter, or vice versa.

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Btu (th)/second/square Inch to Dyne/hour/centimeter Conversion Table

Btu (th)/second/square InchDyne/hour/centimeter
0.01 Btu (th)/second/square inch58832862424.228 dyne/hour/centimeter
0.1 Btu (th)/second/square inch588328624242.28 dyne/hour/centimeter
1 Btu (th)/second/square inch5883286242422.8 dyne/hour/centimeter
2 Btu (th)/second/square inch11766572484846 dyne/hour/centimeter
3 Btu (th)/second/square inch17649858727268 dyne/hour/centimeter
5 Btu (th)/second/square inch29416431212114 dyne/hour/centimeter
10 Btu (th)/second/square inch58832862424228 dyne/hour/centimeter
20 Btu (th)/second/square inch1.1766572484846E+14 dyne/hour/centimeter
50 Btu (th)/second/square inch2.9416431212114E+14 dyne/hour/centimeter
100 Btu (th)/second/square inch5.8832862424228E+14 dyne/hour/centimeter
1000 Btu (th)/second/square inch5.8832862424228E+15 dyne/hour/centimeter

How to Convert Btu (th)/second/square Inch to Dyne/hour/centimeter

1 Btu (th)/second/square inch = 5883286242422.8 dyne/hour/centimeter
1 dyne/hour/centimeter = 1.6997303187278E-13 Btu (th)/second/square inch

Example: convert 15 Btu (th)/second/square inch to dyne/hour/centimeter:
15 Btu (th)/second/square inch = 15 × 5883286242422.8 dyne/hour/centimeter = 88249293636342 dyne/hour/centimeter

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