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Convert Therm/cubic Foot to Therm/gallon (UK)

Please provide values below to convert therm/cubic foot [therm/ft^3] to therm/gallon (UK), or vice versa.

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Therm/cubic Foot to Therm/gallon (UK) Conversion Table

Therm/cubic Foot [therm/ft^3]Therm/gallon (UK)
0.01 therm/ft^30.0016054365 therm/gallon (UK)
0.1 therm/ft^30.0160543653 therm/gallon (UK)
1 therm/ft^30.1605436532 therm/gallon (UK)
2 therm/ft^30.3210873065 therm/gallon (UK)
3 therm/ft^30.4816309597 therm/gallon (UK)
5 therm/ft^30.8027182661 therm/gallon (UK)
10 therm/ft^31.6054365323 therm/gallon (UK)
20 therm/ft^33.2108730645 therm/gallon (UK)
50 therm/ft^38.0271826614 therm/gallon (UK)
100 therm/ft^316.0543653227 therm/gallon (UK)
1000 therm/ft^3160.5436532272 therm/gallon (UK)

How to Convert Therm/cubic Foot to Therm/gallon (UK)

1 therm/ft^3 = 0.1605436532 therm/gallon (UK)
1 therm/gallon (UK) = 6.2288354594 therm/ft^3

Example: convert 15 therm/ft^3 to therm/gallon (UK):
15 therm/ft^3 = 15 × 0.1605436532 therm/gallon (UK) = 2.4081547984 therm/gallon (UK)

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