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Convert Therm/cubic Foot to Gallon (US)/horsepower

Please provide values below to convert therm/cubic foot [therm/ft^3] to gallon (US)/horsepower, or vice versa.

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Therm/cubic Foot to Gallon (US)/horsepower Conversion Table

Therm/cubic Foot [therm/ft^3]Gallon (US)/horsepower
0.01 therm/ft^318.7733052945 gallon (US)/horsepower
0.1 therm/ft^31.8773305294 gallon (US)/horsepower
1 therm/ft^30.1877330529 gallon (US)/horsepower
2 therm/ft^30.0938665265 gallon (US)/horsepower
3 therm/ft^30.0625776843 gallon (US)/horsepower
5 therm/ft^30.0375466106 gallon (US)/horsepower
10 therm/ft^30.0187733053 gallon (US)/horsepower
20 therm/ft^30.0093866526 gallon (US)/horsepower
50 therm/ft^30.0037546611 gallon (US)/horsepower
100 therm/ft^30.0018773305 gallon (US)/horsepower
1000 therm/ft^30.0001877331 gallon (US)/horsepower

How to Convert Therm/cubic Foot to Gallon (US)/horsepower

gallon (US)/horsepower =
therm/ft^3 =
gallon (US)/horsepower

Example: convert 15 therm/ft^3 to gallon (US)/horsepower:
15 therm/ft^3 = 0.18773305294483 / 15 = 0.0125155369 gallon (US)/horsepower

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