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Convert Centigram/second to Ton (short)/hour

Please provide values below to convert centigram/second [cg/s] to ton (short)/hour [ton (US)/h], or vice versa.


Centigram/second to Ton (short)/hour Conversion Table

Centigram/second [cg/s]Ton (short)/hour [ton (US)/h]
0.01 cg/s3.9683207193278E-7 ton (US)/h
0.1 cg/s3.9683207193278E-6 ton (US)/h
1 cg/s3.96832E-5 ton (US)/h
2 cg/s7.93664E-5 ton (US)/h
3 cg/s0.0001190496 ton (US)/h
5 cg/s0.000198416 ton (US)/h
10 cg/s0.0003968321 ton (US)/h
20 cg/s0.0007936641 ton (US)/h
50 cg/s0.0019841604 ton (US)/h
100 cg/s0.0039683207 ton (US)/h
1000 cg/s0.0396832072 ton (US)/h

How to Convert Centigram/second to Ton (short)/hour

1 cg/s = 3.96832E-5 ton (US)/h
1 ton (US)/h = 25199.576111111 cg/s

Example: convert 15 cg/s to ton (US)/h:
15 cg/s = 15 × 3.96832E-5 ton (US)/h = 0.0005952481 ton (US)/h

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