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Convert Kilogram/cubic Meter to Psi/1000 Feet

Please provide values below to convert kilogram/cubic meter to psi/1000 feet, or vice versa.

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Kilogram/cubic Meter to Psi/1000 Feet Conversion Table

Kilogram/cubic MeterPsi/1000 Feet
0.01 kilogram/cubic meter0.004335275040012 psi/1000 feet
0.1 kilogram/cubic meter0.04335275040012 psi/1000 feet
1 kilogram/cubic meter0.4335275040012 psi/1000 feet
2 kilogram/cubic meter0.8670550080024 psi/1000 feet
3 kilogram/cubic meter1.3005825120036 psi/1000 feet
5 kilogram/cubic meter2.167637520006 psi/1000 feet
10 kilogram/cubic meter4.335275040012 psi/1000 feet
20 kilogram/cubic meter8.670550080024 psi/1000 feet
50 kilogram/cubic meter21.67637520006 psi/1000 feet
100 kilogram/cubic meter43.35275040012 psi/1000 feet
1000 kilogram/cubic meter433.5275040012 psi/1000 feet

How to Convert Kilogram/cubic Meter to Psi/1000 Feet

1 kilogram/cubic meter = 0.4335275040012 psi/1000 feet
1 psi/1000 feet = 2.3066587258492 kilogram/cubic meter

Example: convert 15 kilogram/cubic meter to psi/1000 feet:
15 kilogram/cubic meter = 15 × 0.4335275040012 psi/1000 feet = 6.502912560018 psi/1000 feet

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