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Convert Square Yard to Square Rod

Please provide values below to convert square yard [yd^2] to square rod, or vice versa.


Square Yard to Square Rod Conversion Table

Square Yard [yd^2]Square Rod
0.01 yd^20.0003305785 square rod
0.1 yd^20.0033057851 square rod
1 yd^20.0330578512 square rod
2 yd^20.0661157025 square rod
3 yd^20.0991735537 square rod
5 yd^20.1652892562 square rod
10 yd^20.3305785124 square rod
20 yd^20.6611570248 square rod
50 yd^21.652892562 square rod
100 yd^23.305785124 square rod
1000 yd^233.0578512397 square rod

How to Convert Square Yard to Square Rod

1 yd^2 = 0.0330578512 square rod
1 square rod = 30.25 yd^2

Example: convert 15 yd^2 to square rod:
15 yd^2 = 15 × 0.0330578512 square rod = 0.4958677686 square rod

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