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Convert Square Mil to Arpent

Please provide values below to convert square mil [mil^2] to arpent, or vice versa.

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Square Mil to Arpent Conversion Table

Square Mil [mil^2]Arpent
0.01 mil^21.5964240102171E-15 arpent
0.1 mil^21.5964240102171E-14 arpent
1 mil^21.5964240102171E-13 arpent
2 mil^23.1928480204342E-13 arpent
3 mil^24.7892720306513E-13 arpent
5 mil^27.9821200510856E-13 arpent
10 mil^21.5964240102171E-12 arpent
20 mil^23.1928480204342E-12 arpent
50 mil^27.9821200510856E-12 arpent
100 mil^21.5964240102171E-11 arpent
1000 mil^21.5964240102171E-10 arpent

How to Convert Square Mil to Arpent

1 mil^2 = 1.5964240102171E-13 arpent
1 arpent = 6264000000000 mil^2

Example: convert 15 mil^2 to arpent:
15 mil^2 = 15 × 1.5964240102171E-13 arpent = 2.3946360153257E-12 arpent

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