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Convert Circular Mil to Sabin

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Circular Mil to Sabin Conversion Table

Circular MilSabin
0.01 circular mil5.4541539124823E-11 sabin
0.1 circular mil5.4541539124823E-10 sabin
1 circular mil5.4541539124823E-9 sabin
2 circular mil1.0908307824965E-8 sabin
3 circular mil1.6362461737447E-8 sabin
5 circular mil2.7270769562411E-8 sabin
10 circular mil5.4541539124823E-8 sabin
20 circular mil1.0908307824965E-7 sabin
50 circular mil2.7270769562411E-7 sabin
100 circular mil5.4541539124823E-7 sabin
1000 circular mil5.4541539124823E-6 sabin

How to Convert Circular Mil to Sabin

1 circular mil = 5.4541539124823E-9 sabin
1 sabin = 183346494.44186 circular mil

Example: convert 15 circular mil to sabin:
15 circular mil = 15 × 5.4541539124823E-9 sabin = 8.1812308687234E-8 sabin

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