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Convert Radian to Minute

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Definition: A radian (symbol: rad) is the standard unit of angular measure. It is a derived unit (meaning that it is a unit that is derived from one of the seven SI base units) in the International System of Units. An angle's measurement in radians is numerically equal to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circle. One radian is equal to 180/π (~57.296) degrees.

History/origin: Measuring angles in terms of arc length has been used by mathematicians since as early as the year 1400. The concept of the radian specifically however, is credited to Roger Cotes who described the measure in 1714. Although he described the unit, Cotes did not name the radian, and it was not until 1873 that the term "radian" first appeared in print.

Current use: The radian is widely used throughout mathematics as well as in many branches of physics that involve angular measurements. Although the symbol "rad" is the accepted SI symbol, in practice, radians are often written without the symbol since a radian is a ratio of two lengths and is therefore, a dimensionless quantity. As such, when angle measures are written, the lack of a symbol implies that the measurement is in radians, while a ° symbol would be added if the measurement were in degrees.


Definition: A minute (symbol: min) is a unit of time based on the second, the base unit of the International System of Units (SI). It is equal to 60 seconds. Under Coordinated Universal Time, a minute can have a leap second, making the minute equal to 61 rather than 60 seconds.

History/origin: The term "minute" is derived from the Latin "pars minuta prima" which means the "first small part." The minute was originally defined as 1/60 of an hour (60 seconds), based on the average period of Earth's rotation relative to the sun, known as a mean solar day.

Current use: The minute, as a multiple of the second, is used for all manner of measurements of duration, from timing races, measuring cooking or baking times, number of heart beats per minute, to any number of other applications.

Radian to Minute Conversion Table

Radian [rad]Minute [']
0.01 rad34.3774677078 '
0.1 rad343.7746770785 '
1 rad3437.7467707849 '
2 rad6875.4935415699 '
3 rad10313.240312355 '
5 rad17188.733853925 '
10 rad34377.467707849 '
20 rad68754.935415699 '
50 rad171887.33853925 '
100 rad343774.67707849 '
1000 rad3437746.7707849 '

How to Convert Radian to Minute

1 rad = 3437.7467707849 '
1 ' = 0.0002908882 rad

Example: convert 15 rad to ':
15 rad = 15 × 3437.7467707849 ' = 51566.201561774 '

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