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Convert Liter to Barrel Dry (US)

Please provide values below to convert liter [L,l] to barrel dry (US) [bbl dry (US)], or vice versa.


Liter to Barrel Dry (US) Conversion Table

Liter [L,l]Barrel Dry (US) [bbl Dry (US)]
0.01 L,l8.64849E-5 bbl dry (US)
0.1 L,l0.000864849 bbl dry (US)
1 L,l0.0086484898 bbl dry (US)
2 L,l0.0172969796 bbl dry (US)
3 L,l0.0259454694 bbl dry (US)
5 L,l0.043242449 bbl dry (US)
10 L,l0.0864848981 bbl dry (US)
20 L,l0.1729697962 bbl dry (US)
50 L,l0.4324244904 bbl dry (US)
100 L,l0.8648489808 bbl dry (US)
1000 L,l8.6484898079 bbl dry (US)

How to Convert Liter to Barrel Dry (US)

1 L,l = 0.0086484898 bbl dry (US)
1 bbl dry (US) = 115.6271236039 L,l

Example: convert 15 L,l to bbl dry (US):
15 L,l = 15 × 0.0086484898 bbl dry (US) = 0.1297273471 bbl dry (US)

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