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Convert Kilogram-force Meter/kilogram/K to Btu (th)/pound/°R

Please provide values below to convert kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K to Btu (th)/pound/°R, or vice versa.

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Kilogram-force Meter/kilogram/K to Btu (th)/pound/°R Conversion Table

Kilogram-force Meter/kilogram/KBtu (th)/pound/°R
0.01 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K2.34385E-5 Btu (th)/pound/°R
0.1 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.0002343846 Btu (th)/pound/°R
1 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.0023438456 Btu (th)/pound/°R
2 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.0046876912 Btu (th)/pound/°R
3 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.0070315368 Btu (th)/pound/°R
5 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.011719228 Btu (th)/pound/°R
10 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.023438456 Btu (th)/pound/°R
20 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.046876912 Btu (th)/pound/°R
50 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.1171922801 Btu (th)/pound/°R
100 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K0.2343845602 Btu (th)/pound/°R
1000 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K2.3438456023 Btu (th)/pound/°R

How to Convert Kilogram-force Meter/kilogram/K to Btu (th)/pound/°R

1 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K = 0.0023438456 Btu (th)/pound/°R
1 Btu (th)/pound/°R = 426.6492635108 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K

Example: convert 15 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K to Btu (th)/pound/°R:
15 kilogram-force meter/kilogram/K = 15 × 0.0023438456 Btu (th)/pound/°R = 0.035157684 Btu (th)/pound/°R

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