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Convert CHU/pound/°C to Btu (th)/pound/°F

Please provide values below to convert CHU/pound/°C [CHU/(lb*°C)] to Btu (th)/pound/°F, or vice versa.

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CHU/pound/°C to Btu (th)/pound/°F Conversion Table

CHU/pound/°C [CHU/(lb*°C)]Btu (th)/pound/°F
0.01 CHU/(lb*°C)0.0100066922 Btu (th)/pound/°F
0.1 CHU/(lb*°C)0.1000669216 Btu (th)/pound/°F
1 CHU/(lb*°C)1.0006692162 Btu (th)/pound/°F
2 CHU/(lb*°C)2.0013384324 Btu (th)/pound/°F
3 CHU/(lb*°C)3.0020076485 Btu (th)/pound/°F
5 CHU/(lb*°C)5.0033460809 Btu (th)/pound/°F
10 CHU/(lb*°C)10.0066921618 Btu (th)/pound/°F
20 CHU/(lb*°C)20.0133843235 Btu (th)/pound/°F
50 CHU/(lb*°C)50.0334608088 Btu (th)/pound/°F
100 CHU/(lb*°C)100.0669216176 Btu (th)/pound/°F
1000 CHU/(lb*°C)1000.6692161764 Btu (th)/pound/°F

How to Convert CHU/pound/°C to Btu (th)/pound/°F

1 CHU/(lb*°C) = 1.0006692162 Btu (th)/pound/°F
1 Btu (th)/pound/°F = 0.9993312314 CHU/(lb*°C)

Example: convert 15 CHU/(lb*°C) to Btu (th)/pound/°F:
15 CHU/(lb*°C) = 15 × 1.0006692162 Btu (th)/pound/°F = 15.0100382426 Btu (th)/pound/°F

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