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Convert Btu (IT)/second to Kilocalorie (th)/hour

Please provide values below to convert Btu (IT)/second [Btu/s] to kilocalorie (th)/hour, or vice versa.

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Btu (IT)/second to Kilocalorie (th)/hour Conversion Table

Btu (IT)/second [Btu/s]Kilocalorie (th)/hour
0.01 Btu/s9.0779184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
0.1 Btu/s90.779184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
1 Btu/s907.79184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
2 Btu/s1815.5836851969 kilocalorie (th)/hour
3 Btu/s2723.3755277954 kilocalorie (th)/hour
5 Btu/s4538.9592129924 kilocalorie (th)/hour
10 Btu/s9077.9184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
20 Btu/s18155.836851969 kilocalorie (th)/hour
50 Btu/s45389.592129924 kilocalorie (th)/hour
100 Btu/s90779.184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
1000 Btu/s907791.84259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour

How to Convert Btu (IT)/second to Kilocalorie (th)/hour

1 Btu/s = 907.79184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour
1 kilocalorie (th)/hour = 0.0011015741198308 Btu/s

Example: convert 15 Btu/s to kilocalorie (th)/hour:
15 Btu/s = 15 × 907.79184259847 kilocalorie (th)/hour = 13616.877638977 kilocalorie (th)/hour

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