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Convert Watt/square Meter/K to Btu (th)/hour/square Foot/%b0F

Please provide values below to convert watt/square meter/K to Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F, or vice versa.

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Watt/square Meter/K to Btu (th)/hour/square Foot/%b0F Conversion Table

Watt/square Meter/KBtu (th)/hour/square Foot/%b0F
0.01 watt/square meter/K0.00176228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
0.1 watt/square meter/K0.0176228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1 watt/square meter/K0.176228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
2 watt/square meter/K0.352456078892 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
3 watt/square meter/K0.528684118338 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
5 watt/square meter/K0.88114019723 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
10 watt/square meter/K1.76228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
20 watt/square meter/K3.52456078892 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
50 watt/square meter/K8.8114019723 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
100 watt/square meter/K17.6228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1000 watt/square meter/K176.228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F

How to Convert Watt/square Meter/K to Btu (th)/hour/square Foot/%b0F

1 watt/square meter/K = 0.176228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F
1 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F = 5.6744658973887 watt/square meter/K

Example: convert 15 watt/square meter/K to Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F:
15 watt/square meter/K = 15 × 0.176228039446 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F = 2.64342059169 Btu (th)/hour/square foot/%b0F

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