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Convert Kilocalorie (IT)/cubic Meter to Therm/cubic Foot

Please provide values below to convert kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter to therm/cubic foot [therm/ft^3], or vice versa.

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Kilocalorie (IT)/cubic Meter to Therm/cubic Foot Conversion Table

Kilocalorie (IT)/cubic MeterTherm/cubic Foot [therm/ft^3]
0.01 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter1.123703279481E-8 therm/ft^3
0.1 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter1.123703279481E-7 therm/ft^3
1 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter1.123703279481E-6 therm/ft^3
2 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter2.247406558962E-6 therm/ft^3
3 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter3.371109838443E-6 therm/ft^3
5 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter5.618516397405E-6 therm/ft^3
10 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter1.1237E-5 therm/ft^3
20 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter2.24741E-5 therm/ft^3
50 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter5.61852E-5 therm/ft^3
100 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter0.0001123703 therm/ft^3
1000 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter0.0011237033 therm/ft^3

How to Convert Kilocalorie (IT)/cubic Meter to Therm/cubic Foot

1 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter = 1.123703279481E-6 therm/ft^3
1 therm/ft^3 = 889914.64051067 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter

Example: convert 15 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter to therm/ft^3:
15 kilocalorie (IT)/cubic meter = 15 × 1.123703279481E-6 therm/ft^3 = 1.68555E-5 therm/ft^3

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