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Convert AWG to XAU

Please provide values below to convert AWG [Aruban Florin] to XAU [Gold Ounce], or vice versa.

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AWG to XAU Conversion Table

AWG [Aruban Florin]XAU [Gold Ounce]
0.01 Aruban Florin4.1585480768046E-6 Gold Ounce
0.1 Aruban Florin4.1585480768046E-5 Gold Ounce
1 Aruban Florin0.00041585480768046 Gold Ounce
2 Aruban Florin0.00083170961536091 Gold Ounce
3 Aruban Florin0.0012475644230414 Gold Ounce
5 Aruban Florin0.0020792740384023 Gold Ounce
10 Aruban Florin0.0041585480768046 Gold Ounce
20 Aruban Florin0.0083170961536091 Gold Ounce
50 Aruban Florin0.020792740384023 Gold Ounce
100 Aruban Florin0.041585480768046 Gold Ounce
1000 Aruban Florin0.41585480768046 Gold Ounce

How to Convert AWG to XAU

1 Aruban Florin = 0.00041585480768046 Gold Ounce
1 Gold Ounce = 2404.6854371548 Aruban Florin

Example: convert 15 Aruban Florin to Gold Ounce:
15 Aruban Florin = 15 × 0.00041585480768046 Gold Ounce = 0.0062378221152069 Gold Ounce

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