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Convert AWG to XAG

Please provide values below to convert AWG [Aruban Florin] to XAG [Silver Ounce], or vice versa.

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AWG to XAG Conversion Table

AWG [Aruban Florin]XAG [Silver Ounce]
0.01 Aruban Florin0.00033830368437388 Silver Ounce
0.1 Aruban Florin0.0033830368437388 Silver Ounce
1 Aruban Florin0.033830368437388 Silver Ounce
2 Aruban Florin0.067660736874775 Silver Ounce
3 Aruban Florin0.10149110531216 Silver Ounce
5 Aruban Florin0.16915184218694 Silver Ounce
10 Aruban Florin0.33830368437388 Silver Ounce
20 Aruban Florin0.67660736874775 Silver Ounce
50 Aruban Florin1.6915184218694 Silver Ounce
100 Aruban Florin3.3830368437388 Silver Ounce
1000 Aruban Florin33.830368437388 Silver Ounce

How to Convert AWG to XAG

1 Aruban Florin = 0.033830368437388 Silver Ounce
1 Silver Ounce = 29.559240593279 Aruban Florin

Example: convert 15 Aruban Florin to Silver Ounce:
15 Aruban Florin = 15 × 0.033830368437388 Silver Ounce = 0.50745552656081 Silver Ounce

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