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Convert Coulomb to Elementary Charge

Please provide values below to convert coulomb [C] to Elementary charge [e], or vice versa.

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Coulomb to Elementary Charge Conversion Table

Coulomb [C]Elementary Charge [e]
0.01 C6.241506363094E+16 e
0.1 C6.241506363094E+17 e
1 C6.241506363094E+18 e
2 C1.2483012726188E+19 e
3 C1.8724519089282E+19 e
5 C3.120753181547E+19 e
10 C6.241506363094E+19 e
20 C1.2483012726188E+20 e
50 C3.120753181547E+20 e
100 C6.241506363094E+20 e
1000 C6.241506363094E+21 e

How to Convert Coulomb to Elementary Charge

1 C = 6.241506363094E+18 e
1 e = 1.60217733E-19 C

Example: convert 15 C to e:
15 C = 15 × 6.241506363094E+18 e = 9.362259544641E+19 e

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